How tall do you need to be to use the Slides alone?

1.25m and 8 years old or older.  Younger or shorter children can use the slides with an adult 16 years old or older.

Can children swim alone in the water?

Any children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised.  This means they must be within arms reach of an adult 16 years old or older at all times while in the water or in the complex.

Can I bring in my own food?

Yes you can.  Feel free to bring a picnic or you can hire one of our BBQs.  Please note we do not allow any glass in the complex for safety reasons.

What can I wear in the Pools?

You can wear clean singlets or tee-shirt over the top of your normal swimwear.  Shorts can be worn over your swimwear but they must be above the knee to allow for safe swimming.  Please be aware our water contains chlorine and this may fade some materials 

Does Parakai Springs use Chlorine in the pools?

Yes we do.  Cholrine in our pools are kept at a safe level to ensure our pools are clean and safe for the whole family.

Is Parakai Springs Smoke Free?

Yes Parakai Springs is fully Smoke Free.  There is areas for smoking outside of our complex and in the public reserves surrounding Parakai Springs.

Are the pools Naturally Heated?

Yes.  All our pools and slides are heated by adding natural thermal water which is drawn from deep beneath Parakai Springs.  For more infomation on our thermal water checkout http://www.parakaisprings.co.nz/Facilities/Water-Analysis/ 

How many people can come under a Family Pass?

2 adults and 3 children, or 1 adult and 4 children.

How do we make a Group Booking?

Please email info@parakaisprings.co.nz or phone us on 0800 HOTPOOLS