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Parakai Springs Water Analysis

 Our Water Analysis:
Temperature °C 64.9
pH   7.93
Bicarbonate (mg/L) 60
Boron (mg/L) 13.3
Calcium (mg/L) 53
Chloride (mg/L) 1014
Fluoride (mg/L) 1.9
Iodine (mg/L) 0.839
Iron (mg/L) <0.40
Potassium (mg/L) 19.7
Silica (mg/L) 62
Sodium (mg/L) 411
Sulphate (mg/L) 4.0
Water Analysis


Therapeutic Properties

Sodium Bicarbonate:

Opens pores, cleanses the body and acts as a mild antiseptic to relieve itching and skin irritations.

Calcium and Sulphate:

Are principle curers for disease of the veins, Bronchial infections and arthritis.

Calcium and Magnesium:

Vital for the growth and maintenance of bones.


When combined with chlorine (to become salt), is one of the principle constituents of Lymph, and leaves the body feeling relaxed and refreshed.